Contour Crafting

NASA - Contour Crafting

Since 2011, NASA has been funding the Contour Crafting Simulation Plan for Lunar Settlement Infrastructure Build-Up.

3D-Printing Multi-Material (MIP-SL) Gets Faster Than Ever

"Researchers at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering have developed a faster 3D printing process that allows for 3D-printing multi-material objects in minutes instead of hours."

Research in CNC-A Continues to Impress!

"An Integrated CNC Accumulation System for Automatic Building-around-inserts" receives the 2013 NAMRC Outstanding Paper Award!
The overarching vision for the Center for Rapid Automated Fabrication Technologies (CRAFT) is to develop the science and engineering needed for rapid automated fabrication of objects of various size out of a variety of materials including polymers, metals and alloys, ceramics and composites such as concrete at various sizes ranging from meso-scale to mega-scale objects. Application areas for CRAFT technologies are diversified and include fields such as biomedical, automotive, space industry, and building construction industry.

CRAFT develops a unique academic environment blending fundamental engineering research with the development of engineered systems; partnerships with materials, equipment, construction, architecture, real estate, software and manufacturing industries; incorporating environmental, regulatory, labor and economic expertise and interdisciplinary graduate and undergraduate education.

The CRAFT team comprises researchers from various engineering disciplines, computer science, chemistry and physics. CRAFT has various specialized laboratories that house research prototypes, support equipment, and commercial 3D Printing machines.