Homes on Mars? 3D Printing Could Make That Possible, Says NASA

From: AOL Real Estate |
Published on December 31, 2013 |

The process, called “Contour Crafting,” was conceived as a way to quickly construct emergency housing on this planet out of concrete. But NASA sees other applications for Khoshnevis’ homebuilding innovation — for starters, projects such as an airport on the moon. “Behrokh’s work is one of the most creative and far reaching concepts I’ve seen,” said Jason Derleth, the program manager for NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts, in a news release this past summer. “He really has a chance to change the world by robotically printing buildings here, and he may even change the next human world by doing the same on the moon and Mars.”


“We will build small little habitats, then little towns, and eventually cities on Mars,” says space architect John Spencer, “the same way we did in the United States….” Though, realistically, that could take hundreds of years, Spencer adds.

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