Past PhD Students

“Material Characteristics for Contour Crafting,” Tony Di Carlo, August 2012 – currently Senior Engineer at Boeing – Advisor, Khoshnevis
“Selective Inhibition of Sintering,” Mahdi Yoozbashizadeh, August 2012 – currently post doctoral fellow at USC – Advisor, Khoshnevis
“Vibration Operated Valves for Viscous Abrasive Fluids”, Khashayar Behdinan, May 2009 – Currently Lead Automation Engineer at Chevron – Advisor, Khoshnevis
“Experimental Investigation of Selective Inhibition Sintering of Metal Powder,” Mehdi Mojdeh, December 2005 – currently senior engineer at 3D Systems – Advisor, Khoshnevis
“Experimental Study of Full-Scale Wall Construction using Contour Crafting”, Dooil Hwang, December 2004 – Currently Senior Researcher at Hyundai Motors in Korea – Advisor, Khoshnevis
“Theoretical and Experimental Study of Selective Inhibition of Sintering,” Bahram Asiabanpour, PhD, May 2003 – currently Assistant Professor at University of Texas – Advisor, Khoshnevis
“Study of Contour Crafting for Fabrication of Ceramic Parts,” Hongkyu Kwon, PhD, May 2002 – Currently Research Scientist at LG, Korea – Advisor, Khoshnevis
“Study of Contour Crafting for Thermoplastic Materials,” Rick Russell, PhD, May 1999 – Currently Senior Engineer at Sensortronics – Advisor, Khoshnevis
“Automation of Simulation Model Building Process Using AI Techniques,” An-Pin Chen, Ph.D., December 1988 ‑ Currently Associate Professor at National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan – Advisor, Khoshnevis
“An Expert Generative Manufacturing Process Planner,” Hamid Berenji, Ph.D. May 1986 ‑ Currently Research Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center – Advisor, Khoshnevis
Chi Zhou: Fall 2011, currently working as an assistant professor in Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at University of Buffalo (SUNY) – Advisor, Chen
“Contour Crafting Process Planning and Optimization,” Jing Zhang, May 2009 – CEO of Sprintray, Inc. (a 3D Printing Technology company in China) – Advisor, Khoshnevis
“Trowel Path Planning for Contour Crafting,” Zhangha Yeh, December 2005 – currently senior engineer at Adobe Systems, Inc. – Advisor, Khoshnevis