Selective Inhibition Sintering
metal pageSIS is an additive manufacturing (AM) technology in which parts are built layer-by-layer from a powder base material. The core idea of the SIS process is the prevention of selected areas of powder layers from sintering. SIS may be considered a contrary approach to the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process in which selected areas of powder are sintered by a fine laser beam. SIS takes advantage of bulk sintering in the body of the part, while inhibiting sintering at the part boundaries.

The advantages of the SIS process are:

  • Low Cost: The machine will be far less expensive than the equivalent SLS machine because the high power laser generator of SLS is replaced with an inexpensive heat element
  • Speed: The process is fast because the entire layer undergoes bulk sintering
  • Accuracy: The dimensional accuracy and surface quality is high due to the high resolution inkjet printer used in combination with fine powder particles
  • Multi-color parts may be fabricated if various colors of the inhibitor are deposited (as in color inkjet printers)
  • No contamination of parts, material, or furnaces
  • Great potential of printing large parts
  • Platform technology for metals, plastics and ceramics.
  • Currently the only technology that has the capability of printing ceramic parts