Since the mid-1980s, Selective Laser Sintering has been utilized as a prominent additive manufacturing technology to meet the needs associated with obtaining 3D parts. However, as the search for faster printed parts with higher resolution increased, an alternative cost-efficient process was desired to meet such demands. With all in mind, Behrokh Khoshnevis invented the Selective Inhibition Sintering process for metals. 


Methods for reduction of powder waste in selective inhibition of sintering (SIS)
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Metallic parts fabrication using selective inhibition sintering (SIS)
(24 claims), U.S. Patent No. 7,241,415 B2, July 2007. The technology has been licensed to ProMetal.
Selective Inhibition of Bonding of Powder Particles for Layered Fabrication of 3-D Objects
US Patent No. 6,589,471(International Patent), July 2003. The technology has been licensed to MCP-HEK GmbH in Germany.